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A skills audit assesses performance, from both a task and process- management perspective.

We employ a range of psychometrics which provide a 360° profile of the individual skills base within the organisation and an assessment of its relevance to strategic objectives.

Analysis of any skills gap is made against identification of organisational change drivers, in order to build direction and relevance into subsequent training and learning programmes.

A BPC assessment tool provides a combined competence and typological-base for profiling performance as well as learning points.

Our skills audit will provide clients with modular based options that permit a combination of assessments, in order to meet perceived needs in:

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution style
Team Leadership Behaviour
Team Membership Behaviour
Team Decision Making Skills

Individual as well as team-based assessments in each of these modules are available.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us to discuss how we can help


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