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The process of group facilitation gives an organisation a method through which members of a team, often comprised of diverse personalities and views, can address issues and express ideas within a group setting. It helps to achieve a wider understanding of the issues surrounding the matter at hand and raises awareness of the detailed viewpoints of other team members.

Through this process, a shared understanding emerges. It achieves the following:

gives team members the facility to locate areas of concern within a shared problem space.
provides a forum for clarifying points of dispute, which in some cases may be based upon misconceptions and misunderstandings.
gives individuals a platform where they can register their presence - through enabling them to raise concerns/ desires/ preferences, etc. This engenders buy-in and commitment. We also provide mentoring services to support individuals.
prompts innovation based upon synthesis of views and the synergy from different personalities

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The prime asset of your organisation is its people. To understand how Business Psychology can help you to work with the diversity in your organisation, attend one of our events.

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