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Organisational Behaviour Books

The Character of Organizations: Using PersonalityType in Organisational Development - available from Amazon
Ways in which you can see how jungian theory can be used on an organisational level.
Decision Making in Organisations - available from Amazon
Factors that affect an individual's decision style. The authors have written this modular text to support a one-semester decision making course. It aims to- analyse and evaluate decision-making processes and context - not just describe them. - Emphasise the application of each topic through boxed examples and cases. Although it does include two chapters on the techniques of decision appraisal, the book has a `soft' behavioural approach to the subject and will be ideal for courses taking this approach. Its coverage is broad and even. The authors have structured each chapter within the book to support modular learning. Each chapter features- Learning objectives; an Introduction; Boxed examples of decision making in practice; Summary; Cases with discussion questions; References. Features and Benefits Analyses and evaluates decision- making processes and context. Emphasis on application includes at least one case per chapter with discussion questions. Modular structure supports one-semester programmes- each chapter can be covered in a week. A lecturer's guide and website support including powerpoint slides are available to adopters of the text.