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What's the difference between Business Psychology and Occupational Psychology?
Business Psychology is about understanding all three elements of an organisation to fully benefit all parties. These elements are individual, team and organisation.

Can we access University research?
All non-confidential research is available as background to the courses and seminars.

Is there an element of stress management in the courses?
Very much so. Stress is one of the key debilitating factors for individuals and organisations. The BPC will recommend ways of eliminating the factors that cause stress or at least provide you with methods for reducing their influence.

How do I move forward?
Look around this website to see some of the services which the BPC offer. Then get in contact via email or telephone for an up-to-date list of activities. The BPC is happy to meet organisations at their offices or individuals at the University to discuss how the BPC can help and what the next move should be.

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The prime asset of your organisation is its people. To understand how Business Psychology can help you to work with the diversity in your organisation, attend one of
our events.

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