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Dr Stephen Benton B.Sc. Ph.D. M.I.O.A.

Stephen has worked extensively in the field of applied and cognitive psychology, both domestically and internationally. He is the founder of the first UK M.Sc Business Psychology programme located at the University of Westminster. Stephen has worked both extensively as a consultant to multinational businesses whilst continuing to conduct research and development at various institutions. His involvements include the roles of Professor in the field of Applied Psychology (Human Resource) at the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Indonesia; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Vision Science, Centre for Neuro-Science, Psychology Department, University College London; and as a Research Fellow in Environmental Acoustics, Chelsea College, University of London.


Ayleen Wisudha B.Sc
Business Psychologist

Ayleen spent 10 years working at the Decision Analysis Unit, London School of Economics. Before that, she held a research fellowship at Brunel University where she carried out research in individual and group decision making. Currently, she works independently, as a facilitator and a work performance coach. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster delivering course modules for the MSc in Business Psychology programme.

Within the university's Business Psychology Centre, Ayleen is a Lead Consultant. She is also the Centre's Programme Manager. She is active within the Association for Project Management - as Chair of the Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group, as a members of the Editorial Board, and as a member of the Nominations Committee.

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